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U5 Preschool Academy - Have Fun! Fun! Fun!

Scappoose Soccer Club's U5 Preschool Academy is all about one thing - HAVE FUN! FUN! FUN!  Here we emphasize basic soccer fundamentals like no hands, inside of the foot to the ball, teamwork and HAVE FUN!

The U5 Academy practices 2 days a week with no formal games.  There is time at the end of each practice for a little 3v3 scrimmage so they can demonstrate what they've learned.

Our 2021 Spring practice schedule will be during the week and approximately 5pm - 6pm starting the end of March.  The program will run for 4 weeks.

Principles of Youth Coaching for U5:

● Target developmentally appropriate activities
● Give clear, concise, correct information – brevity, clarity, and relevance are critical
● Progress from very simple to more complex activities
● Choose a safe and appropriate training area appropriate for the age and player size
● Player decision making is key – put the players in a position to own their decisions, not be puppets.
● Emphasize the positive at this age – be their cheerleader! Failure does not breed success, success breeds success. Start simply, find the positives, and focus on the good in each player.
● Are the activities fun?
● Are the activities organized?
● Are the players involved?

Kids at these ages have very short attention spans, are individually oriented (work with it, don’t discourage it at this age), are constantly in motion when moving, and have two speeds – on or off. The hand, foot, and eye coordination at this age is very primitive and undeveloped. Boys and girls are developing on similar timelines. As these children progress from 5 to 7, they will gradually develop more coordination, more sense of self, and some limited abilities to work in groups.

Nearly all children in these age groups are very sensitive to negative feedback and dislike personal failures, especially on display in front of a group of other kids.

At this stage, there are no prodigies ready for World Cup or Olympic competition. Even if that is an end-goal for some, focus on developing each individual in the context of where they are developmentally. A 6-year old star today may be out of the game entirely at 12. Don’t presume to know how children will develop or who will succeed at this level. Instead, focus on passing along a passion for sports and active participation! At this age you are a shepherd and caretaker, not a Vince Lombardi – learning is the key, winning will come once the skills are developed.

U5 Session Guidelines

U5 Field Size: Open – no field dimensions
Player Count: All players - open drills
Ball Size: 3 Practice: 45 - 60 min
Games: no formal/weekend games
Season : 6 weeks – 2x per wk.
USYSA strongly recommends 3v3 and no goalies when playing games

What It's All About

This is the age where it all begins. Soccer should be fun above everything else. At this age, they become fans of the sport. Make them love it. This is often where the parents are also new to soccer, so engage them, too. Winning, and even the mention of it, should not be a consideration in anything a coach does at this age. Every child gets praised for their individual accomplishments. Lots of high-fives and cheering/clapping. For most, this is the first time on a team as an athlete. 

Technical/Skill Emphasis:

● They need to know what a soccer ball is
● They need to know shin guards and cleats are important
● They need to know do not use your hands
● Kick and chase
● Parent interaction during practice is key
● Have FUN! FUN! FUN! 

Tactical Considerations:

● Only a few tactics – it’s about having fun
● Know what a goal is
● Know how to kick the ball into the goal
● Have FUN! FUN! FUN!

Psychological Emphasis:

● Use parents to help
● No emphasis on winning
● Encourage trying over performing
● Encourage sportsmanship and teamwork

Physical Considerations:

● Participation
● Kick a ball
● Have FUN! FUN! FUN!

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